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Film producer convicted for £1.5m VAT fraud

A producer who made the UK's first 3D film has been found guilty of a £1.5m VAT fraud used to fund some of his productions.

The film, 'Eldorado', featured a number of well known British and Hollywood actors, including former Dr Who Sylvester McCoy and Splash actress Daryl Hannah. the production was also the last to be made by David Carradine, the actor best known for Kill Bill and the Kung Fu TV series before he died in 2009.

But behind the scenes, Richard Driscoll...


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mjshort's picture

Not me- all my productions are legal

mjshort | | Permalink

Dear dear Dicky

The film wasn't that good that you needed that much to make it.

For avoidance of doubt I was not the Production Accountant.

Never mind Dominic West ...

mikewhit | | Permalink

What about Massive Attack + Adam Curtis ?

"We are exploring a subject that has long interested us both and that we have been talking about, on and off, for two years," says Curtis, whose vision is driving the project, at least until Massive Attack step on to the stage. "It concerns the rise of the modern ideology that we now live in, which is essentially managerial. We increasingly live in a world run by modern technocrats, whether government thinktanks or data analysts or terror experts or the big global internet companies that use algorithms to tell us what we want"