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Cloud accounting service wins global ousourcing award

A Twickenham-based firm has won an award for its unique approach to providing accountancy services.

SKS Business Services beat global service provider Capgemini to win the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) UK best finance and accounts outsourcing team for its shared services offering.

The firm, founded in 2008, provides bookkeeping, management accounts and year-end accounts to...


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Yes, but not quickly

raybackler | | Permalink

Change can only happen at the speed that clients are willing to accept it.  Technology savvy businesses can understand the reason for a change to the cloud, but face to face personal contact, even on an annual basis is important to some clients.  Using software and services that cross international boundaries causes security worries too.  We have been using cloud solutions for all of our clients, but many still cannot see the benefits and we end up acting like a non-cloud based accountancy practice in the way we deal with them.  I think Swarup is right in the long run for small businesses, but he will have to work hard to convince clients that his particular business model is secure.

Cloud Accounting

Julie Harbot | | Permalink

I can see Cloud accounting being useful for the more organised clients, and we do use these facilities with them.  But not for the one man band sole trader or limited company director who does not have the time to computerise or scan over their entire records - it would mean taking them out of the plastic bags!  We would also loose a lot of income if the clients did all the work! Change should only happen if it is practical, useful and actually works.

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Kent accountant | | Permalink

So a business with a balance sheet value of £5k is competing with Cap Gemini????

I don't think so...