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Formations debate: The impact on accountants

The discussion around forming a company has played out through the pages of AccountingWEB over the last month, which has led to a more comprehensive debate on the mechanics of company formations.

In this final article in the series Formations Direct considers how the debate played out and addresses the response from the community.

Norman Younger of Formations Direct said: “Essentially we’re on the same side of the fence, we’re just pitched at different heights on that fence.

“The different topics have to be aired, but in terms of for-and-against, it never set my pulse racing, you can’t alter the facts.”

Reflecting on the key messages that have come out of the Jordans camp throughout the series, Younger added: “There’s not a great deal of difference that was coming out of my camp - we’re on the same side of the fence, so there’s not going to be a ‘great debate’.”

On addressing some of the points raised by AccountingWEB members, Younger said they weren’t hostile, but rather just proving their experience.

This reinforced Younger’s side of the argument – that as an accountant you can do it yourself, but you get what you pay for. Indeed, there’s a limit to how much involvement accountants can give to a company formation.

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