Former KPMG partner quits crime agency role

Former KPMG UK head of fraud Jeremy Outen has quit his new role at the National Crime Agency (NCA) before he even took up the post.

Outen was due to start as director of the economic crime command at the new body, which launches this autumn.

The NCA will replace the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and is part of the government's...


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surely a joke?!    1 thanks

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that displays a serious lack of integrity

Why we don't get the best people to take up public positions

taxwriter | | Permalink

The FT reported that it was possibly the potential examination of complex tax arrangements used by the KPMG partnership which deterred Mr. Outen from taking up the post. There is no suggestion that KPMG does anything wrong with its tax.  Of-course no one can be certain, apart from Mr Outen himself, why he did not take up the post.It could be another reason entirely.

now the NCA have been screwed over    1 thanks

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it's a serious lack of due diligence

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These KPMG Partners.......................

George Gretton | | Permalink

These KPMG Partners.......................

A little while back I did some excellent and mainly voluntary work (as the Local Fat Controller subsequently said to me very kindly, in writing) for a very, very worthy small and Local Arts Charity in Westminster.

There were two other ICAEW Members involved in the administration of the Charity, one absolutely bonkers "Independent Examiner" from out somewhere in Fen-land, and a KPMG Forensics Partner.

A Psychiatrist very kindly subsequently pointed out to me that the behaviour of the IE in a critical meeting in which I got an absolute hammering was strikingly suggestive of somebody on the psychopath-sociopath spectrum, especially with that blistering capacity to lie without showing any unconscious signs of doing so, and very actively manipulate people.

But when I started realising what absolute manure was posing as Statutory Accounts, with chaos as regarded Restricted vs Unrestricted Reserves, I asked the KPMG man (who was acting on a voluntary basis) where his role ended and the IS's began in the Accounts Preparation Process. 

I sent a perfectly polite email, which I still of course have, and within two hours he had resigned from all contact with the Charity, which inter alia got me in deep manure with the Fat Controller.

So all of a sudden a KPMG worthy suddenly got cold feet and did a bunk, just as above.


Yours, George, Friday 23rd August 2013, 12:57 BST

STOP PRESS NEWS - I'm no longer having a lunch-time beer during the week!

And this is what the Fat Controller (actually a slim lady) said of me:

"As an accomplished financial expert, George takes an enormous pride in his work."



Name change?    1 thanks

The Black Knight | | Permalink

what again wasn't it previously NCIS?

there has got to have been a cock up somewhere

prompting the name change and re-branding

Is crime no longer serious or organised.

After many years of study have they now discovered it is a joke and disorganised?

Is this really what they waste their time doing? Invent a new name and a colouring competition for the badge?

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I missed this gem earlier..................

George Gretton | | Permalink

I missed this gem earlier..................

"However international partnership tax is so complex that it is difficult to explain to journalists and MPs why certain structures are used.

So everybody that is NOT an International Partnership Tax Expert is a complete moron.

Except for me, super-morons. I'm an anal-yst extraordinaire. 

Try running it past me, and I'll have great fun getting to the cruxes of the issues, you bunch of Uncle Ernies, who think that you can get away with doing exactly what you want, as Keith Moon so brilliantly portrayed

And yes, BK, Crime is Serious and Organised, but it's Pursuit is a Sick Joke.

Let's have another Name Change!

But I'll yet, with the CC, sort the IBD and its Ugly Sister and Jack-Arse. Prison terms beckon!

Yours, George the Sweetie-Pie, Friday 23rd August 2013, 17:05 BST