Generation X women: ‘We’re taking over’

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John Stokdyk brings back a first-hand report from California on the generational and gender conflicts shaping the accountancy profession.

Have you noticed at accountancy events that the audience is often split around 60/40 between grey-haired male delegates and women perhaps 15-20 years younger?

This may not be a new revelation, but at a futurology seminar hosted in Silicon Valley recently by Intuit, I found myself surrounded by a group of Generation X women who had adopted cloud-based accounting systems as a platform for forward-looking, entrepreneurial firms specialising in pro-active business advice. Their collective drive and enthusiasm struck a chord with similar practitioners I have encountered on AccountingWEB.

Generation X is typically identified as the group born between 1965 and 1980 who followed the Baby Boomers born in the 20 or so years that followed WW2. While some Boomers initially looked down on what they saw as the “slacker” generation, women practitioners are challenging this characterisation by exhibiting strong entrepreneurial instincts...


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