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Get free advice on choosing tax/practice software

Are you looking for new software for your practice, or perhaps an upgrade to existing systems to cope with the demands of self assessment season? Then join AccountingWEB’s Practice software selection clinic at 11am on Thursday 17 October.


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Life webinar

Rumyana | | Permalink

Will some of the major topics covered on the day be publishes on the AccountingWeb after the webinar, as many of us probably will not be able to take part in the life session. How long the session approximately will take?

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More info

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Thanks for your interest Rumyana. The session run for approximately 45mins from 11am on Thursday, but it will be available to watch again on our YouTube channel afterwards.

Mark Ryan will also be picking up the queries posted during the session and will compile them into a follow-up document that you can get from AccountingWEB a week or two afterwards.

If you have any particular questions you would like to ask, post them here and I'll try to ensure we cover them on the day.

Thanks very much for your

Rumyana | | Permalink

Thanks very much for your reply John. I will follow up the video from the session. I am interested to learn more about the advantages of using VT or Sage softwares for self-employed bookkeeping and accounts preparation purposes and which software would be better to use as a starting point, considering the simplicity of using it, fitness for purpose, longevity and best value for money.


Thank you

BTC vs "absolute Tax"

qadri23 | | Permalink

Hi guys

Re: BTC  vs  "absolute Tax"

I am sole practitioner and struggling to make decision about choosing between BTC and "absolute Tax"

I have been IRIS person from day one,  first as an employee then when initially I set up my practice I chosen IRIS,  but now when I am growing and need to get more client licence its flipping expensive.

My search have narrowed down to BTC vs  Absolute tax.

Tax calc , I tried to talk to even their sales team was nightmare to I left it that.

Any thoughts please, specially from a person who was using IRIS and moved to the above one of the software.

Thank you

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charliecarne | | Permalink

@qadri23 - I'm surprised that you've found it hard to talk to the sales team at TaxCalc, as I've always found them most helpful on the phone and via email. Their software is very good and was greatly improved this year. It's also not too expensive. Their support team are available from 9.30am to 4.30pm Mon-Fri on 0845 5190 882 and they tend to be very knowledgeable. One thing that they don't do (and I'm glad of it) is hard sell, unlike some others.

I've not used BTC (though I've heard good things about it) or Absolute, so cannot comment on them.