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Grant Thornton caught up in SFO damages claim

Businessman Vincent Tchenguiz lodged papers at the High Court this week claiming £200m in damages from the Serious Fraud Office for a range of misdeeds including malicious prosecution, trespass, false imprisonment and misfeasance in public office.


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FSA and Jeff Lampert

toyboy | | Permalink

The FSA are a disgrace.

If he lives long enough, Jeff Lampert will be proved right about Heritage PLC.

But so what?

Jeff's mindset has been so traumatised that he had to recently go to the Far East to learn the best Meditation techniques to try to prevent a full nervous breakdown occurring.

It is time to swith off the subject and just say: "C'est la Vie".



jefflcbba's picture

Far East

jefflcbba | | Permalink


Not sure who you are, but you are not mine!

My trip to Jindal Naturecure (India) was to try and cure hypertension (in the West we "keep on taking the pills")

I left Jindal two weeks later, with exactly the same blood pressure, but NOT taking two pills a day.

I also lost some 12kgs, and brought my BMI Cholestrol and Diabetes levels down to those that I had twenty years ago!

Since I have been back I have kept off most of the weight, and had my blood checked, and it is pretty much as it was when I left Jindal. I am also a "flexitarian", walk regularly and take intermittent yoga lessons.

If that is all due to me waging war against Scott Barnes it is a very distinct plus, and maybe I owe him a thankyou?

For the record I consider "tenacity" to be the most important ingredient in any business person, and it is a quality I have always admired and aspired to.

Perhaps I am finally getting there?




Jeff Lampert: Your words make MY point much clearer than I did

toyboy | | Permalink

One friend watcheth for another and the honester the friend being watched over the worse is his luck.

I repeat: It is time to swith off the subject and just say: "C'est la Vie". 

God is no botcher and never pays his debts with money.

Romans 12:19 - Bible New International Version: "Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay",says the Lord."

He that goes to LAW holds a WOLF by the ears because LAW catches FLIES but lets the HORNETS go free.


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Last Word?

jefflcbba | | Permalink





Keeping up the fight against sociopaths in power

Grabthorn | | Permalink


 What a POSH blog !!!!

It also says somewhere in the bible 

That those who fight evil are doing Gods work

More power to you Jeff