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Harlequin sues former auditor for negligence

Property investment firm Harlequin, used by self-invested personal pension schemes, has had “historic issues” with account record-keeping, it has emerged. Nick Huber reports that the company is suing its former auditor for negligence.

City watchdog the Financial Services Authority (FSA), has issued an “alert” warning financial advisers carry out thorough due diligence before clients invest with Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited (Harlequin).

The alert, directed at regulated firms and not at Harlequin, said advisers should consider how building work is progressing on the various sites, establish how funds will be used and make a full assessment of all publicly available information about the overseas property investments through Harlequin, and on all the parties associated with these investments.


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same old shite

carnmores | | Permalink

blame the auditors for in house teaming and lading

mydoghasfleas's picture


mydoghasfleas | | Permalink

I thought this was a rugby article

How straight are their buildings?

philfromleeds | | Permalink

I do not know anything about this case or the personalities but I think their is often a conflict of interest between a dynamic wanting to cut corners client and an auditor subjected to a budget on his charges.