Wilkins Kennedy duo implicated in Harlequin fraud verdict | AccountingWEB

Wilkins Kennedy duo implicated in Harlequin fraud verdict

Buccament Bay Resort

Caribbean property investment company Harlequin has won an Irish High Court case over a former contractor who fraudulently misappropriated over $13m.

Padraig O’ Halloran, managing director of ICE Group contracted to oversee the completion of Harlequin’s Buccament Bay resort in the Caribbean, was found guilty of misappropriating funds meant to be used in the construction project.

In the judgement, the court noted that while it was asserted that O’Halloran had misappropriated...


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absolutely [moderated headline]

query | | Permalink

you'd expect wilkins kennedy to review their internal procedures after this

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plummy1 | | Permalink

Just to say you have referred to Harlequin as a property timeshare company but I don't believe this to be true. They are developing (or have been trying to at least) five star resorts in the Caribbean using investors money, The idea is that Harlequin and the investor would eventually share the benefits when the property is available for booking. The investor themselves has no right to using the property themselves.

I will be interesting to see how the Wilkins Kennedy case develops now that O’Halloran has been found guilty and a direct link between him and the Wilkins Kennedy partner has, I believe, been established. 

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Thanks Plummy    1 thanks

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I because aware that "timeshare" wasn't quite right after I initially published the article, and has nothing to do with the Buccament Bay project on which the story turns. I had started to amend the article, but missed the introduction that was still posted on the front page.

thanks for keeping us on our toes!

PS: There are two sets of legal procedings carrying on around this case, including one for libel. In the circumstances it is best to avoid making comments that could be interpreted as prejudicing any trial. That's why we removed word from the first comment. 

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Moderation in both senses of the word    1 thanks

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I have had to step in on your comment George because you have gone too far again and made derogatory personal comments (about me and my team in this case). This is against our community rules - for good reason.

While you like to claim that a true statement is not libellous, this is not a practical stance. For example, have you thought what might happen if we decided to contest the defamatory statement you posted? Could you really prove what you said? How much might it cost you to retain a lawyer to compile a defence and negotiate a settlement?

This is something we have to consider every time someone posts a negative statement about someone on AccountingWEB, which is why we specifically forbid our members from doing so in our community rules. This is the price we all have to pay for participating in a reputable online community, and not the kind of bullying forum that featured in the news earlier this week.

As I specifically mentioned in my previous post, there are already libel issues surrounding the Harlequin case, so let's stop trying to make the judges' minds up for them - they take a very dim view of that too. 

It might also help the atmosphere around here if you could moderate some of your more heated comments and stick to the main points of any discussion.

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Minor Point    1 thanks

plummy1 | | Permalink

The point I raised was only a minor one about the actual description of the nature of Harlequins business. When John says thank you for keeping them on their toes it wasn't because I had picked up some glaring defamatory comment.

Many thanks John for taking the time to comment.



this is scandalous

query | | Permalink

you would expect better from wilkins kennedy

Harlequin now suing Wilkins Kennedy for professional negligence!

LDNAcc | | Permalink

Harlequin emailed investors at the weekend confirming they're taking Wilkins Kennedy to the London High Court for professional negligence! This all ties in with the fraud you covered in this article. This is what they emailed.



Dear Investor,

To update you, on Thursday 6th March 2014, Harlequin issued proceedings for professional negligence against Wilkins Kennedy in the High Court, London.

We will keep you informed of developments as appropriate.