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New non-executive directors appointed to HMRC

HMRC has appointed two new non-executive directors to its board.

Mervyn Walker and Simon Ricketts succeed Philippa Hird and Norman Pickavance, who left recently.

Simon Ricketts is chief information officer of Rolls Royce plc. Walker, who holds a portfolio of non-executive roles, has been group human resources director at three FTSE-listed companies. He retired from the mining group Anglo-American in June.

David Gauke, financial secretary to the Treasury, said: "These appointments provide a rich mix of board-level experience in major corporations. They will bring new and further capability and credible challenge to board discussions."

Hird retired from HMRC’s board after serving for five and a half years, and Pickavance stepped down to take up an executive role with a private company, the department said.


I wonder

mikefleming3028 | | Permalink

what Simon Ricketts will make of the proposal to fragment the Cap Gemini IT support  contract into £100m bite size bits.  Here`s hoping that he  manages to apply the brakes on this particular piece of folly. On the face of it I agree with Mr Gauke, for what must be the first time ever, in so much that the Board was badly in need of someone with his expertise. It naturally follows therefore that if they get this one wrong then someone`s head should role. Lets hope again that he hasn't been appointed as a "sacrificial goat" just to rubber stamp the continuance of a failed IT strategy. 

Memo to Mr Ricketts:- Congratulations on your appointment and note, according to Mr Gauke you are there to challenge Board discussions and I submit that if your input has not been requested and acted upon  then I would be heading for the exit in order to avoid the inevitable "car crash" and ensuing fall out.

I wish you every success.

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Ricketts by name....

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Will it be Ricketts by nature?  HMRC seem to make a right ricketts of every IT project!