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HMRC fixes cracks in business tax dashboard

HMRC said it has fixed errors in its employment records.

The errors affected some employers who employ an individual to do more than one job within the same PAYE scheme, HMRC said. In some instances, separate employments were merged in error. 

Before HMRC corrected...


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Fixed?  Or 'papered over'?

Mr_awol | | Permalink

Fixed?  Or 'papered over'?

howarthco's picture

HMRC dashboard

howarthco | | Permalink

Checked a client's dashboard for PAYE today, 11 April, and it was wrong. Rang HMRC and was told that the account was correct, just that there were errors in the dashboard. So not showing corrected figures yet !

Moonbeam's picture

So Why Can't Agents see this info?

Moonbeam | | Permalink

As a registered agent for a client I shouldn't have to get a new pin number and login under their company code to see how much has been paid in PAYE.

Before I got the pin I spent about 2 hours in total over 2 separate occasions trying to speak to HMRC about how much PAYE had actually been received and in which payroll year. The quality of their staff is very low level and I couldn't get the same answer out of both of them.

I got the pin number and found out a different figure had been received and had to make a third call to establish that the previous figures given to me had been wrong.

Of course the client is to blame in not paying the right PAYE at the right time in the past but I wasn't asking for very much info from HMRC. Let's face it if their own staff can't interpret their appalling computer systems why should they expect better behaviour from the average small company?