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HMRC goes social with new media newsroom

HMRC’s press office has rolled out a new media newsroom service which it is trialling over the next six months.

According to HMRC it’s a “new way of sending you our news” and provides an opportunity to deliver social media press releases direct to inboxes.

To demonstrate just how up with the times the Revenue is, it also this week released for the first time mugshots of the 20 ‘most wanted’ tax criminals in the UK via Flickr.

However one of the first news items via the new media channel, with images available on Flickr and updates on Twitter, was about a Monaco tax fraudster who was jailed after an attempted flee failed.


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FUD channel

ThornyIssues | | Permalink

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that is. It would seem that this waste of money will do little to "inform" us or the public at large and will be used to disseminate HMRC FUD, as is their usual modus operandi.

Q: IR35 & MPs, who seem to think they're small businesses => ...

dstickl | | Permalink

QUESTION 1: IR35 and MPs, who seem to me to think they're small businesses => ... HMRC versus MPs/ipsa?  What a hilarity, here's a link to today's Guardian:-  

QUESTION 2: Has the above story appeared on HMRC's new "news channel" yet?