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HMRC in hat trick of legal victories

HMRC won two tribunals and a court case against tax avoidance schemes last month that it said could have cost the Exchequer £200m.

The schemes involved capital gains tax, directors’ bonuses and tax relief on government bonds.

HMRC’s director general of business tax, Jim Harra, said: “These wins in the courts are a victory for the vast majority of taxpayers who do not try to dodge their taxes. They send a clear message to tax avoiders - HMRC will challenge tax avoidance relentlessly and we will beat you.”

Exchequer secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said that the HMRC legal victories were “very welcome” and showed that “if an avoidance scheme promises results that seem too good to be true, they probably are”.

The three tax cases were:


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I have always    1 thanks

johnjenkins | | Permalink

said that anything artificial should not be allowed. I'm sure we all welcome these cases because in the end it gives us credibility. So now let's look at Estimated Assessments and IR35 in the same light.

perhaps the article should also    2 thanks

justsotax | | Permalink

be naming and shaming the scheme providers.....(I trust non of the 'big four' are involved)