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HMRC pushes online wizard for new firms

HMRC is considering making online filing mandatory for all new businesses, for all types of tax, as part of its rebranded “Digital by Default” strategy (aka Carter II). John Stokdyk reports.

From next April 2012, the tax department plans to create an online Registration Wizard HMRC that will enable businesses to register for all of HMRC’s tax regimes and online services. This will be the first step in the “One Click” programme backed by the coalition government to streamline admin for both HMRC and business.

Under new proposals, this would become mandatory by April 2013. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude thinks it would be easier and quicker for business to deal with HMRC by using the online Registration Wizard the mandatory method to inform HMRC when business activity has started. This process would cover Corporation Tax and Self Assessment, while employers will also be expected to use PAYE Online.

An on-screen tax dashboard is also being considered for the online business tax facility. But as is the way of these things, the plans emerged in a ‘Digital by Default’ consultation document issued this week, with a closing date of 31 October. “HMRC will consult” on the proposals, but some dubious claims within the document suggest that unless there is a mass uprising against it, the decision may already have been taken.


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johnjenkins's picture

Is this

johnjenkins | | Permalink

in conjunction with agents self-serve????????

mandatory online filing

Sherlock | | Permalink

XBRL is extremely complex and difficult for the tax 'layman'. Extending it to unincorporated businesses would seem to preclude a disaster.

HMRC might be more usefullt employed in considering a system of communicating with 'customers' by e-mail.

Another cock up on the way then !

The Black Knight | | Permalink

Another cock up on the way then !

DMGbus's picture

iXBRL, BACS and more inappropriate computer language

DMGbus | | Permalink

iXBRL should NEVER have been made mandatory for small company CT filing as small companies have NEVER (in my experience) used this (what might as well be) foreign language software.  It's a "big company" thing imposed upon small business in the misguided "one size fits all" mind set of ignorance of the needs of small business.

It is disappointing to note that following this error in a similar theme is Real Time Information using, we are led to believe, BACS to send information to HMRC.   Again the "one size fits all" out of touch with small business reality mind set is at work.   A few small businesses might use BACS to pay suppliers and pay their staff.  Now, to go further and have payroll RTI information transmitted to HMRC via the BACS system is just another way of imposing additional software &/or accountancy fee costs on small business - just as iXBRL is doing.

It is about time the OTS actually did something really useful for small business here and said "enough is enough" - stop imposing these extra complications and costs for small businesses.  OTS would do well if it banned the iXBRL filing for all but companies who already use iXBRL for their multinational dealings, or say iXBRL only compulsory for Public Limited Companies or Multi Nationals (they're the only ones who'd have inhouse expertise on iXBRL anyway).  Same goes for RTI and using inappropriate costly BACS information transmission.