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HMRC official jailed for taxpayer theft

An HMRC employee has been jailed for siphoning £12,000 from taxpayers' accounts in a "flagrant breach of trust".

Karen Hindle’s position in the government department gave her direct access to peoples’ account details, which she stole in order to transfer thousands into her personal account, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The HMRC co-ordinator, who earlier in February was jailed for 12 months, also claimed £4,000 in benefits to which she wasn't entitled and made a false application for a £15,000 bank loan.


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HMRC theft

monksview | | Permalink

So its true, they are a bunch of thieving b***ards!

(Sorry, couldn't resist it)

Is that all?

Roland St Clere... | | Permalink

Far longer prison sentences have been handed down for less serious abuses of trust. A tax payer would have been given 3 years!

HMRC Official jailed for theft

Mathswizard | | Permalink

Has she repaid the money she stole ?  Surely HMRC (the taxpayer) is not expected to reimburse losses suffered by her victims ?



Proceeds of crime action to follow?

The Black Knight | | Permalink

Proceeds of crime action to follow?

At least they had some internal control?