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HMRC overhauls bereavement services

HMRC is setting up a dedicated bereavement services team to deal with PAYE and Self Assessment when taxpayers die.


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Oh dear...

EOAKS | | Permalink

A look at the form means that the executor/ solicitors will take over the submission of the final tax return. They usually dont have a clue.

and why ask for the spouses' NI? John (editor) states 'so HMRC can also review their tax arrangements' - why? I thought everyone was separate and paid their own taxes.

John Stokdyk's picture

A bit of extra info

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I've double-checked the wording on HMRC's Bereavement Services website, which says, "They [administrator or personal representative] can also provide details of the surviving spouse or civil partner to enable HMRC to take action to review their tax affairs." 

Many thanks, too, to EOAKS for pointing out that the new service appears to be part of a Tell Us Once initiative that was unveiled on on 31 March.


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nigel | | Permalink

Is it just strange perspective, or is this the funeral of a horse or something?