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HMRC slips up over contact centre service

HMRC has apologised to callers who were unable to get through to its contact centres due to the “extremely high levels of calls” in the days following the Easter weekend.

HMRC said that getting through to its contact centres quickly and with the minimum of delay is “central to the quality of service to which we are committed” and is aware that over the last few days the steady improvement in contact centre service since 2010 has slipped.

According to the Revenue the surge in traffic came about after taxpayers responded to HMRC’s invitation to query the need to complete a Self Assessment tax return.


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best it could

david5541 | | Permalink

its about time managers & trainers worked at the coalface of HMRC,


and how limited they are in the resources they can access

maybe it will teach them a thing or too about customer service and tought to use ordinary english and not faddy "strategy speak"


david5541 | | Permalink

maybe the hmrc spokesperson should try calling the relevant helpline and clearing all the security questions and explaining their IT issue?

It's nothing but the same old

esimps | | Permalink

It's nothing but the same old story with HMRC, nothing changes there then.

Emma // cheap accountant