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HMRC targets Scottish restaurateurs in tax raids

Two Glasgow restaurant owners have been detained on suspicion of failing to pay the right amount of VAT in an investigation led by HMRC. 

The raids were carried out on Monday as part of the ongoing HMRC taskforce operation targeting restaurants in Scotland. A production order for business records was also served on the accountants for this business.

One restaurant and three private addresses were visited, resulting in one man and one woman being detained, interviewed and then released. Investigations are ongoing.

An HMRC spokesperson told AccountingWEB


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memyself-eye's picture

Not just Scotland

memyself-eye | | Permalink

One of our restaurant clients was the subject of a recent VAT visit, advised that it would take two days the inspector stayed two hours, pronounced himslef satisfied (as he should have been) and left.

Maybe not connected but a pleasing outcome.

My guess would be that HMRC could occupy all their staff with this area alone....

Be my guess too !

The Black Knight | | Permalink

What tips ?

They also never follow the cash.

I suspect there is considerable evasion being done by the suppliers too. Well known that large amounts of cash change hands for produce and meats.

Let alone staff wages.