HMRC union calls Budget day strike | AccountingWEB

HMRC union calls Budget day strike

The main civil service union PCS will kick off a campaign of industrial action against job cuts with a strike on Budget day, 20 March.

A spokesman for the union said there was strong logic for launching disruptive action on that day.

“The Budget is obviously a key date in the calendar for our members, because the decisions announced affect their lives, working conditions and pay,” he said.


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target the most popular payday in    1 thanks

justsotax | | Permalink

April and bring RTI to its knees....mind i don't think it needs much help.

Pleased they have annoucned    3 thanks

Tim 59 | | Permalink

Pleased they have annoucned the date for the strike, otherwise we would probably never have noticed. Given it takes HMRC a month to answer correspondence the full effect will not be felt until the 20th April.

IR35: Could HMRC union call a permanent strike here too, please

dstickl | | Permalink

IR35: Could HMRC union(s) call a permanent strike here too, please? 

REASON: It might assist to diminish their Labour party's deserved reputation as "a nasty party", e.g. also Iraq, Immigration, etc ... , especially vis-a-vis worker OAPs who were clearly particularly victimised by Labour's "fiscal horror" (CIOT's words, apparently). 

mr. mischief's picture

Is this true?

mr. mischief | | Permalink

I've heard that David Cameron has asked George Osborne to go on strike for the day too, as this will boost the party poll ratings.

mydoghasfleas's picture

Don't know how to stop digging

mydoghasfleas | | Permalink

The department is in such a state it will barely be noticed.  Most of the time we work with online services without human intervention. 

I cannot afford my clients' time to call HMRC even on the agent's line as the stock reply is they will email the person concerned so it goes into the same void as the letter. 

If the call centre staff are not there they cannot answer the calls, therefore less calls to produce emails.

When they get back the next day the lines are jammed solid so more callers give up all together, therefore less calls to produce less emails.

The recipients at the end of of the emails get less emails.  They spend more time on the letters they already have with improvement in service.  As the letters are handled more quickly fewer reminders and calls result.  Fewer calls, emails and mail means no need to employ so many staff, therefore job cuts.

Am I missing something or does a strike really improve matters?

if anything it

justsotax | | Permalink

will probably show that the hmrc are over staffed with call centre staff who add nothing to the revenues ability to deal with its 'customers' in a proficient way....