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HMRC unveils new look logo

The Revenue has announced it will sport a new look from now on with the unveiling of a new logo.

The redesign is part of HMRC’s digital strategy and move to online governmental portal GOV.UK.

HMRC will no longer use the aqua logo, but a simplified version that the Cabinet Office has introduced as a “single identity” for government organisations, which it said will make it easier for the public to recognise departments.

The logo was created in-house at no cost, and the Revenue said it would keep...


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Constantly Confused's picture

I for one...

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

... am underwhelmed.  But perhaps all my excitement over unexciting things has already been squandered on the birth of our future King.

JAADAMS's picture

Well I suppose if at no cost...

JAADAMS | | Permalink

HMRC's computer people obviously have nothing better to do.

I'd struggle to have noticed it has changed,

hiu612 | | Permalink

But refreshing that they've had the sense to announce it was done at no cost, and with the intention of using up all the old stationery.  We had a compliment slip from HMRC a little while ago which was from the Tax Health Plan team, with that header crossed out and Tax Return Initiative team hand written in its place. They'd obvioulsy overestimated take up when ordering those slips.

nigel's picture

Eh?    2 thanks

nigel | | Permalink

The expression "big deal?" springs to mind. Interesting to see that Elaine from Cheapaccounting thought "done in-house at no cost" was too much!

At no cost?    1 thanks

Paulsoper | | Permalink

If genuinely 'at no cost' then clearly nobody spent any time giving to consideration to it at all - in a commercial world time costs - undoubtedly somewhere in there lurks a team who, at cost to the taxpayer, spend their time devising these changes 'at no cost'.  Part of the problem is the failure of the civil service to cost time properly - perhaps if they did some of the more stupid and pointless enquiries that we have to put up with would disappear to the mutual benefit of the civil service and the real world.

finegana's picture

old stationery

finegana | | Permalink

The new logo isn't going to make them any more efficient, and the taxpayer isn't really going to "gel" with the new branding :-)  You've got to laugh about using up old stationery, the number of letters we've had that show details of closed offices and unobtainable phone lines...why am I wasting my unbillable time responding to this article!

Whilst HMRC are usually

possep | | Permalink

Whilst HMRC are usually stationary surely the writer is aware that we are talking about stationery.

JAADAMS's picture

HMRC's not the only one....Companies House is also changing

JAADAMS | | Permalink

See here - Companies House is also wasting time with a new logo...