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HMRC manuals move to GOV.UK

HMRC wants to know what tax advisers think about its employment income manuals which have been recently moved to new government portal GOV.UK.

The Revenue has been moving its online content across to the new platform since 2012.

The employment income manual, which HMRC says has been tested by tax professionals, is accurate up to 8 May 2014.


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Are they still not impressed with it?

SThornton | | Permalink

I still don't like it but then its as user friendly as the old one!

Ruddles's picture


Ruddles | | Permalink

With the existing manuals it is easy to print individual pages. This doesn't seem to be the case with the new version (you can probably get round it by selecting the text and "print selection" but if they want to be user-friendly then they ought to provide a "print page" option).

alan.rolfe's picture

Official feedback channel    1 thanks

alan.rolfe | | Permalink

The Revenue have an official channel to give feedback during the transition to the Gov.UK website.  For more details see

I believe that it is important to give this feedback, such as about missing print facilities, as otherwise it is hardly fair to complain later when the site is more complete and when functions are still missing.

Hopefully the web team will be open to these suggestions!

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Instead of    4 thanks

johnjenkins | | Permalink

spending umpteen mills on IT why don't HMRC ask us how things should be done right from the start.

@johnjenkins: HMRC did ask

scedwar | | Permalink

@johnjenkins: HMRC did ask for feedback right from the very start of the process, you can see details of the user needs workshops with users last year on this blog post:

@alan.rolfe & @ruddles Printing individual pages and printing a whole section or group of pages were identified in the user needs workshops linked to above. If you look at the prototype designs on this page you can see buttons printing for printing a whole section, or just individual pages:

The existing Employment Income manual is an Alpha release, so it won't be feature complete and those features should come in later releases. You can read more about what it means to be an alpha release in the Government service design manual:

Finally, I would urge everyone to send in their feedback using the official channels as this should be taken into account during the beta development and continued development once live. 

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johnjenkins | | Permalink

You said it all. "Should be taken into account".