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HMRC's new approach to Business Record Checks

The Revenue has announced a “fresh approach” to Business Record Checks, including exploring new ways of using the checks in certain areas.

HMRC said that it would look at new ways of using Business Record Check activity in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Bradford and Stockport from 4 November.

This will include evaluating new risk processes and ensure new approaches are “cost-effective and fit with its wider compliance activity.”

The Revenue said it decided to change its tack because many of the people...


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johnjenkins's picture

It never ceases to amaze me    2 thanks

johnjenkins | | Permalink

"The Revenue decided to change tack because the people it contacted kept adequat records" Yet they still persist in this waste of time (both from their point of view and ours). What they are really saying is "we got no money doing it that way, let's do it another so that we can at least get our costs back". We nearly all said that this was doomed from the start - nothing has changed. Best put this lot at Long Benton making sure Limited Companies get thier CIS refunds on time instead of waiting years, in some cases.

MargaretThornton7's picture

Hold the front page - shock announcement!!

MargaretThornton7 | | Permalink

“Many tax agents already do much to improve their clients’ record keeping,” said HMRC
I doubt if any PracticeWeb readers did not know that this was and has always been the case. If accountants did not help, cajole, encourage, threaten, persuade their clients to keep good records and then help to sort out those who do not the accuracy of information filed with HMRC would be much lower.
And what about a thank you? Do they appreciate our hard work on their behalf?


And what about a thank you?

kenatnam | | Permalink

If their grasp of RTI and what they did there is anything to go by expect your clients to get a letter from HMRC telling them that because their records are in good order their accountants bills should go down......

John is right...

EOAKS | | Permalink

as ever HMRC look for the easy option. This week I have been approached to sort out a father and son business - father has already an Enforcement order against him and wants to pay 100 v a 6K debt. Thing is he stopped paying HMRC over a year ago and it has taken them this long to do anything.

Son is 25years of age - pays NIC class 2 but has never ever submitted a tax return - always been self employed. Why dont HMRC spend some time matching NI submissions to SA submissions - they might find something there.


jiatbanus | | Permalink

SA and other online filing has left a surplus of unemployed inspectors! They are being redeployed as time wasting nuisances. Have you had a BRC? The most obvious impression was that they had no idea about running businesses and that they live in a fantasy world of out of date rules. Worst of all is that this inspector can judge whether an ommission was intentional and fine according to his opinion.