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Hodge criticises HMRC, again

Parliament TV

MP Margaret Hodge and her Commons public accounts committee signed off for the Christmas break with a new report taking HMRC to task for its inability to close the £35bn+ tax gap.

“HMRC holds back from using the full range of sanctions at its disposal. It pursues tax owed by the smaller businesses but seems to lose its nerve when it comes to mounting prosecutions against multinational corporationsm” said Hodge in the committee’s report on the HMRC accounts for 2012-3.

When they were published in July, HMRC’s accounts were qualified due to around £2bn in fraudulent claims and tax credit errors. The comptroller and auditor general also made several critical comments about the roll-out of the PAYE real time information scheme and the size of the tax gap. These criticisms prompted the PAC to hold hearings with HMRC officials in October - and the opportunity to pick up a few more headlines by raking over the ashes in its final report...


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ShirleyM's picture

HMRC only need look at the adverts    1 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

They will soon find lots of promoters of tax avoidance schemes who promise taxpayers will take home up to 90% of their income, and even 90%+. 

Why aren't HMRC looking at them? .... or maybe they are but we don't know about it.

Locutus's picture

I hear there is some shocking tax avoidance by use of trusts    1 thanks

Locutus | | Permalink

Maybe HMRC should take a closer look at a few of them.

their too busy chasing the    1 thanks

justsotax | | Permalink

local electrician who took £40 cash from a relative for fitting a light bulb....this is the type of 'high level' evasion the revenue are looking for....

memyself-eye's picture

Home to roost    1 thanks

memyself-eye | | Permalink

The inevitable consequence of years of politicians 'tweeking' the tax system for their own short term ends - a practice which our late and not lamented prime minister and chancellor was expert at. What happened to tax simplification?

HMRC/Border Agency/UTI

mikefleming3028 | | Permalink

Anyone interested in what the PAC had to say re the above should read






The levels of  poor management and what amounts to sheer stupidity right across the piste is staggering, how any of the Chief Execs of these departments still have their positions is beyond me. The piece on the Border Agency is interesting given that the Government are set on limiting numbers coming to the UK from other parts of the EU.

Read it and weep