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How to manage Excel add-ins

Sometimes Excel alone is not enough, so David Ringstrom offers advice on how to install and track add-ins that extend the application.

Excel’s ability to incorporate add-in programs has been one of its core strengths for years. Some programs offer built-in functionality that you may not need or want, such as the Adobe Acrobat toolbar that allows you to output PDFs. But with this function available within the program since Excel 2007, do you need another set of options?

In other cases, an add-in that you rely on may suddenly vanish from Excel. This article explain how to keep a good handle on the features you install.


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Sage and Excel add-in    1 thanks

barrysnashall | | Permalink


We have an add-in for Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 that connect to Sage 50 and enables uses to get financial data by code, department etc. and then drill down to detail without even opening Sage.


We do find that Excel updates does mean that we have to reconnect the add-in from time to time, i guess there is no way round this.

Still great that we can connect application together to get the data the users require.


Good article.



Hot topic

BlueDaisyMktng | | Permalink

This is certainly a topic we can all relate to!  Aqilla posted a really useful paper on here a while ago: 10 ways to drive the finance functions with Excel - you can still download it here.  A slightly different take on this, but worth a read.