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ICAEW becomes first non-legal probate regulator

The ICAEW has become an approved regulator and licensing authority for the purposes of probate activities and alternative business structures (ABSs), making it the first non-legal body to regulate a reserved legal activity.

Following approval from the Lord Chancellor, the ICAEW will be able to...


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well yes

carnmores | | Permalink

but will they provide better value and efficiencies than most current providers

Is the title right??

taxguru | | Permalink

I thought ACCA and ICAS have been there already? See this

Solicitors Accounts Rules

Duhamel | | Permalink

Does anyone know if an accountancy firm can potentially come under the solicitors accounts rules, if the firm offers probate work? Or is it avoided by being regulated by the ICAEW?

Mike Sturgess's picture

ICAEW as regulator for probate work    2 thanks

Mike Sturgess | | Permalink

Charlie: you would be regulated by the ICAEW and fall under the ICAEW regulations rather than those of the Law Society. You will therefore be covered by the ICAEW client monies regulations and the professional indemnity insurance regulations, and the work will be monitored by QAD. SWAT UK has published an article giving more information about eligibility for authorisation. The first course leading to a certificate is taking place in April.