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Iceland settles BIK dispute with HMRC

Supermarket giant Iceland has settled a tax bill with HMRC regarding a business trip it had disputed was a tax deductible expense.

In 2013, Iceland boss Malcolm Walker took 800 senior staff on a £4m...


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Michael E Y Mouse Marketing Associates says :    1 thanks

carroccio1958 | | Permalink

How dare you impugn by inference the mental vacuity of our clients who patronise our establishments worldwide in order to purely beguile themselves into a make - believe fantasy world for several hours with the sole objectives of shaking hands with people dressed as cartoon characters, engaging in activities which tangibly reduce their intelligence quotient and gorging on various offerings of junk food with a view to making themselves clinically obese !

We at Disneyland /World etc have NEVER condoned visits to our playpens based on the objective of acquiring any semblance of serious and/or work related exoeriences. These are anathema to our stated goals of enabling a make-believe nether world solely created in order to part the majority of our patrons with the maximum amount of money for the minimum effort.