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If you’re stale you’re dead

“I was getting stale… but this has changed my life”

That’s how Simon Maddox described the impact of becoming “socially responsible” has had on him and his practice when I interviewed him the other day, says Steve Pipe.

And it’s making a real difference commercially too.

Simon is partner in two partner Owadally & King (O&K), a Croydon-based general practice with a total team of 17 people and a strong focus on tax. A few years ago he wrote down his goal as being to retire to the Yorkshire Dales by 2016.

Now he is not so sure, as he is enjoying practice more than ever before.

What changed...


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Great read    1 thanks

KrisKros | | Permalink

Really interesting read and inspiring to see that helping the wider community has brought you good Kharma within the firm and a few extra clients!