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Inspection of records: Who’s allowed to view?

It would not have escaped members notice that ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ are the government’s main buzzwords at the moment with the announcement of any new procedure or policy being accompanied by the word ‘open’, says Jennifer Adams.

However, they really do not have much choice in the matter - it all flows from the European Directive’s on Money Laundering of which we have reached No 4 and the five principles agreed by the G8 countries a few months ago as detailed in the ‘UK Action Plan to prevent the Misuse of Companies and Legal Arrangements, namely:

  • Open data by default
  • Quality and quantity
  • Useable by all
  • Releasing data for improved governance
  • Releasing data for innovation

It was against this backdrop and with little previous announcement that Companies House...


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Thank you Jennifer

GSPANESER | | Permalink

This is very useful.

Companies House Open access

IANTO | | Permalink

How does all this sit with the Data Protection Act?