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IRIS beefs up payroll for RTI surge

Accountancy software specialist IRIS has hit the road this month to prepare the profession for real time information (RTI) for PAYE and to show off its latest payroll and online products.

Probably the most significant announcement at Twickenham rugby stadium on Tuesday 2 October was IRIS Payroll for Accountants (pictured above), which brings together features designed to cater for practices handling payroll for their clients.

The bundle, available via a quarterly subscription, includes bureau payroll software, IRIS HR Manager software, and a P11D module.

The payroll module has been linked to both the IRIS Accountancy Suite and the online IRIS OpenBooks accounting application, so that year-end payroll figures can be pushed through into clients’ records in the Personal Tax module, while payroll payments can also be exported to the ledgers maintained in IRIS OpenBooks.

One of the main themes of the IRIS World event was the challenge posed by RTI, and IRIS CEO Phill Robinson emphasised that IRIS Payroll for Accountants would equip firms to deal with the opportunities RTI would present.


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thats a worry

carnmores | | Permalink

a loy of us rememebr the last time FREEWAY they tried updating it was a catastophe. i would have sued them then had it not been for the intervention of one JS!

Quite agree

cne333 | | Permalink

Iris' take-over and "upgrade" of the Freeway product resulted in what we considered to be a very clunky product which required about 15 mouse-clicks to achieve what previously took 3 (!)

So frustrated were we by this that we switched to Payroll Manager by Moneysoft and have never looked back. It is just so incredibly flexible and capable (not to mention inexpensive!) that I can't praise it hightly enough.

So, it doesn't automatically transfer P11d figures into out tax return softawre, but frankly this is an irrelevance as it takes no more than a minute or so to key in even the most complex P11d.