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IRIS takes tax software into the cloud

IRIS has become the first mainstream software house to introduce a suite of web-based tax applications for UK accountants.

Available now, IRIS OpenCloud Tax can tackle personal tax (SA100) and partnership (SA800) returns along with corporation tax (CT600) and includes tools to calculate dividend payments, capital allowances, capital gains and other regular requirements of tax work. Pricing starts from £140 for a licence for 25 personal tax returns, plus £135 for up to 10 corporation tax returns and another £135 for up to 10 partnership tax returns. The fee for handling 200 personal tax clients goes up to £785.

Like the on-premise IRIS Accountancy Suite, OpenCloud tax is built around a central client database, and includes a few additional features to track and manage client relationships.

Introducing the new software, IRIS CEO Phill Robinson commented...


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Oldmanwetmix's picture

Nice Idea

Oldmanwetmix | | Permalink

But, out here in the sticks the internet drops out several times a day. That's what puts me off.


brisar | | Permalink

Well lets hope the support is better than at present. We have been waiting a week for a reply to a query having sat on the phone for an hour listening to piped music - with no human help and sending 5 emails - one to the MD who didnt even have the courtesy to reply. Pathetic.

carnmores's picture

still waiting for the Aweb team

carnmores | | Permalink

to review gbooks , come on team get with it



exceljockey | | Permalink

for me thats the killer - and one reason I like Xero. There is no point in having the latest software if they aren't going to help you.

I like the idea of iris - all integrated etc but they need to get on with it and offer it all on the cloud and offer the support to go with it.

the first fully online system - accounts, tax, payroll and practice management that is well and trully integrated and sync'd will have my pounds.

Obviously you need to work and have clients that have access to proper internet otherwise the whole business model collapses.

carnmores's picture

do excel jockeys have circular references

carnmores | | Permalink

and if so are they clockwise or anticlockwise

Paul Scholes's picture

You'll have to wait a bit exceljockey

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

The development needed by Iris & the other deskbound providers to move this stuff into the Cloud is huge, and my hat off to Iris to have done this, in the way that they have, and to beat the others.  Let's face it there is no need today to have it online, it's that they stay ahead of the game by making sure it's there when we need it.

Xero started in the Cloud and so have a head start but their accounts production side won't be ready till later this year and you'll have to wait another 2 years till they get UK tax stuff up & running.

Unless you're talking about things like OpenSpace the clients will have no part in this, ie it will, as far as I can see, still be a closed system for accountants to use.

As far as support is concerned, I don't have problems, they are always attentive, polite and handle things well?

IRIS Support

Michaelr205 | | Permalink

I'm concerned that IRIS are having major problems. I have tried for 3 solid days to get support last week and finally got some whilst this week the problem is the same. Whilst I am hanging on the 'phone I can't contact other people and they can't contact me and I can't process payroll!

I'm trying to contact them because the payroll is producing error reports where there don't appear to be any!

Paul Scholes's picture

What support do you mean?

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Always worth checking the Iris Portal.  Clearly at the moment, with, presumably, RTI issues, IRIS Payroll support has an average wait time of 33 mins, whereas for say Persnal tax it's 2 minutes.

I'm not saying they always get this right and they have put their hands up in the past when support has been a mess but, as I found out myself today, some times the fault is with the lazy or careless user. 

This was certainly the case with iXBRL where the support line was used in preference to reading the notes & guides and so some users were taking up 10 times more time of a support guy than someone calling with a routine query and I am sure that this will be the case with RTI.

For example, I'd entered my PAYE ref as xx/ rather than xxx/ and it took 3 emails and two calls to dscover it.  Mind you I use OpenBooks RTI payroll and that support line has an average 56 seconds responce time!

Rest assured its not laziness

Michaelr205 | | Permalink

Rest assured its not laziness or carelessness which has led me to hold on the support line, all this time, in fact another hour approx so far with this call. And yes, I have looked at their website for help with problems.

Paul Scholes's picture


Paul Scholes | | Permalink

It's like when you are driving, you can be the most careful driver in the world but others aren't. 

You only need one user, who can't be bothered to read the guidance or the KB, and so takes up one operative for 20 minutes hacking off the other 9 users who could have been helped.

Unfortunately IRIS treats everyone as deserving and their support people are not allowed just to put the phone down on.

These days I have to say I email any queries to them, asking for an email response, saves the random nature of phone traffic.