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KPMG partners with Xero for SME offering

KPMG has announced a strategic partnership with cloud accounting application Xero, in which the software firm will provide online accounting and tax services to small to medium sized businesses. 

The services will be available from May and include accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, VAT and corporate tax.

The move is part of a programme of partnerships by KPMG to focus on supporting the small to medium sized business sector. The big four firm has also recently opened a permanent KPMG representation in Tech City.

Xero UK managing director Gary Turner said it is a "big tick in the box" for the...


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carnmores's picture

nice on paper

carnmores | | Permalink

But i suggest that its all window dressing, how on earth can SMEs afford £100 ph for an unqualified person let alone someone with experience


ireallyshouldkn... | | Permalink

My charge out rate over 15 years ago at KPMG as a newly qualified is still higher than my current one. not too worried quite frankly, as KPMG's idea of "very competitive" and mine differ somewhat. 

Competitive! ..

JC | | Permalink

£250p/h in 1998/99 - They have always been totally rubbish at IT and way behind the curve. Their forte is firstly as a marketing organisation and second as accountants with IT being in 20th position and this is being clearly demonstrated here

franchise operation

Jekyll and Hyde | | Permalink

A franchise operation would work.

KPMG agrees a deal with zero to be the sole supplier of the software in UK. Small accountancy practices and their clients are already hooked but are allowed to service existing clients under the xero brand, xero brand will be discontinued for new clients.

KPMG operates A Franchise licence at a management fee of 5% of turnover to accountants and therefore has an exclusive Market for the specialist work and consultancy.

I could see a set up like this working for both KPMG and some smaller practices. It would also ensure that smaller practices can offer the services of some larger regional practices.

Just a thought

KPMG can offer "high quality accounting services"

HUGH W DUNLOP | | Permalink

Hope Mr.Brian Chapman is not one of their team. Perhaps they should look to the quality of their own controls before advising others.