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LinkedIn for start-ups: Part 2 - Just connect

In the second of his online networking series, Mark Lee explains how to use the networking element of Linkedin to connect with peers and potential prospects. Further articles will consider status updates, endorsements and recommendations, groups and lead generation.

Initiating connection requests

It’s all very well having your profile registered on Linkedin so that people can find you. But there’s a great deal more to the site than simply hoping your profile will be spotted or found.


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BrightPay | | Permalink

Thanks Mark. Some good advice in that. Looking forward to seeing your article on getting groups up and running. It's something we want to focus on as I think its a great way to broadcast our useful knowledge and also to engage rather than just connect!


Thanks for this, very helpful    1 thanks

Stephen Hudson | | Permalink

Thanks for this, very helpful. I'm an accountant but not in practice and I found it informative and it gave me motivation to do more on LinkedIn.