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Machine Games Duty hit by tech problems

HMRC has released an urgent notice for those filing Machine Games Duty (MGD) returns.

The Revenue said it was experiencing a technical problem that caused some returns not to be accepted by the system.

Around 5% of those filing returns correctly are having returns rejected and being sent...


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The Black Knight | | Permalink

When are they going to Sue the computer wally's that can't get anything to work as usual.

do they not test these systems before they implement them.

Don't be silly -of course not    1 thanks

Roland St Clere... | | Permalink

They would have to pay someone to test it and iron out all the bugs.

Far better to use tax payers and their agents who test it for free! 

Can I press HOLD ...

mikewhit | | Permalink

for my last year's SATR ...?