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Microsoft Office now available for iPad

Microsoft Office is now available on iPads and iPhones, the company announced this week.

As of Thursday, those with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription can select iPad as a chosen device and edit documents in Excel, Word and Powerpoint. 

Apps for the iPad and iPhone - as well as Android products - are free to download from the respective app stores.

The Apple versions of the apps are available to those with...


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MS Office for iDevices.....    1 thanks

Luxah | | Permalink

It's a pity Nadella's definition of "every device" doesn't include their own, effectively, Windows phones. The promised full MS Office functions are a pale shadow of the real thing. This announcement is nothing to do with inclusivity; it's about a realisation that MS will make more money faster by destroying the perceived benefits for business users to migrate from iPhones to WIndows Phones. And thereby, possibly consigning Windows Phones to the scrap heap, which (all accusations of "sour grapes" are valid) is where mine will be, unless Nokia and MS remove the relevant digit very soon to help their battle weary customers. 

A lot of hype - read the smallprint    1 thanks

Marlborough | | Permalink

Only certain Office365 Accounts will allow you to edit documents, and it is only those that have the Office desktop subscription, called Office365 Pro Plus, included in the Office365 subscription. So if you want to edit on the iPad make sure you have the right edition of Office365.