Mobile adoption on upward trajectory | AccountingWEB

Mobile adoption on upward trajectory

Accountants are increasingly embracing and investing in mobile technology to reach out to clients and new prospects.

As highlighted in the early findings of MyFirmsApp’s apps survey on AccountingWEB, more and more accountants are providing apps and mobile websites for their clients and are using mobile devices to connect.

In response to the smartphone boom...


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Save me from MyApp marketing    2 thanks

chatman | | Permalink

Does anyone else find the MyApps marketing infuriating? I seem to have had it from all sides: emails telling me my penis will drop off if I do not buy their extremely expensive app, AWeb and even a snail mail shot, apparently written by a five-year old.

Locutus's picture

More nonsense from MyFirmsC*App    1 thanks

Locutus | | Permalink

We just keep getting bombarded by this c*App - a series of 12 blogs on the blog part of Aweb (with the occasional extra one thrown in for free, if 12 aren't enough) and every few weeks a spam e-mail from them.

What this company doesn't understand is that whilst people are increasingly using smart phones and tablets to view the web, if they are looking for an accountant the first place they go to ISN'T the Apple App store of Android equivalent.

As for having a website mobile-enabled, tablets can read most ordinary websites perfectly well and modern smart phones can do the job adequately (this isn't 2005 when you needed a special WAP site to view on the dumb-phones of those days).

For a small accountant, a decent website is useful and if you want more then get a LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and possibly Facebook.  I just can't see any reason to pay for an app or to get the website mobile-enabled.

johnjenkins's picture

Yep take note

johnjenkins | | Permalink

Mark, nobody wants to know, especially clients. Yes I do use apps, even the tax apps, but they just give me the info I need at the time.

Most Accountants are able to decide what new technology they need and want. Clients are even more able to decide what they want and need.

So when are we going to see cloud systems forced upon us?

'tis true

dogsbreath | | Permalink

I run a busy transactional health/lifestyle related website that's non-technical.  This means that the visitor profile would be a true cross-section and not biased towards business or particular platforms.

Following the visitor statistics has been interesting:  from virtually nothing five years ago,  to a consistent 30% of all traffic for the last two years;  split as 20% phone and 10% tablet.

The design rules are to just keep things simple.  Of course this is a challenge for a lot of websites these days as they cram in more and more animations and widgets.  Advertisers will be feeling it as people don't see their adverts on mobile devices (or not at all with Adblock and Flashblock on desktops).

Creating a mobile-centric website isn't that hard provided the main website uses best practice techniques.  Of course the bigger the website,  the less chance of that being the case (