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MOD must improve financial management

The House of Commons Defence Committee has urged the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to do more to improve its financial information after its accounts were qualified by the National Audit Office (NAO).

In a new report the committee said it was concerned about the amount and quality of information provided in the MOD annual report.

“Much work is still needed before it meets the standards the committee would expect to see,” it said.

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Time for change's picture

Sounds like a case for

Time for change | | Permalink

Margaret Hodge to "chew on".

On a serious note though, what chance has the rest of society, if a (Government) department of this level, is having its financial affairs qualified?

Looks like the Treasury fell asleep on the job.

No change . . .

Hayter | | Permalink

The Treasury fall asleep on the job? Did they ever wake up and clock in?

This is the same department that managed to allow staff to spend a billion on credit cards in 2010.

Just another bunch of Westminster crooks, thieves and vagabonds.