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MP jailed for fiddling expenses

Former Labour MP for Rotherham Denis MacShane was jailed for six months yesterday after pleading guilty to expenses fraud.

In November MacShane pleaded guilty to false accounting in the shape of 19 false receipts for £12,900 worth of research and translation services submitted between January 2005 and January 2008. Four of the claims were lodged while he was still minister for Europe, but he continued to submit claims after returning to the back benches following the May 2005 general election.

The presiding judge Mr Justice Sweeny took just over a month to review the former minister’s mitigating pleas before passing a reduced sentence. The judge took into account his previous good character, turmoil in his personal life, remorse about the crime and the repayment of the fraudulently claimed sums.

Nevertheless, the judge noted that MacShane’s case was...


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davidwinch's picture

Unnecessary criminality

davidwinch | | Permalink

As the sentencing remarks make clear, on this occasion we had an MP who had actually incurred various expenses which he could properly have claimed for - but instead of making the correct claims he faked invoices in similar amounts in total, and submitted those instead.

So overall he gained no money to which he was not entitled, but he was dishonest in the way that he made his claims - and now will spend Christmas and New Year in prison (he will probably released in early February on a 'tag').


i know its a MacShame really

carnmores | | Permalink

when my nephew died in Switzerland 4 years ago , MacShane wrote to my sister and brother in law to express his condolences as he and his partner had also unexpectedly lost their child . We were all mightly impressed considering he wasn't the local MP. its all very sad as DW intimates , I hear that the judge said he was to spend at least 3 months in prison , as a matter of interest DW  does time out on tagging get treated as time inside?

davidwinch's picture

What the judge said

davidwinch | | Permalink

The judge said, "Denis MacShane I sentence you to 6 months' imprisonment. If not released before, you will serve half that sentence".


thanks David

carnmores | | Permalink

What an extraordinary way to define a sentence