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Musicians demand sports star tax breaks

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Leaders of the UK’s tops orchestras and musicians’ groups have called on the government to relax the “aggressive tax regime” visiting foreign musicians face, in line with the tax break elite athletes have been granted for special sporting events.

In a letter to The Telegraph, the group said their major cultural events and festivals were no less relevant than the Champions League Final or the London Athletics Grand Prix.

The letter reads...


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Leaders of the UK’s tops orchestras and musicians’ groups have c    3 thanks

mikefleming3028 | | Permalink

Now that HMRC via Mr Gauke has introduced the morality card into the mix in deciding what is and what is not liable to tax how can such an exemption be justified? Are we or are we not all in the same leaky boat? If the Treasury are serious about enforcing universal Compliance with our Tax and Benefit Laws then it should be the same level of Compliance for all without exception. Once one group is granted special treatment then it undermines the whole whole concept of the publics voluntary participation in both the collection and payment of tax or have the powers that be lost their Moral Compass and replaced it with a Weather Vane?   

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Madness    1 thanks

ds | | Permalink

You really couldn't make it up, it seems like NuLabour are still in charge then ?


Can it be right that Osborne can hand out tax exemptions to whoever he likes ?


The ship is still sinking...


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