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NAO: Charity Commission must do better

Charity finance managers have advised the Charity Commission to make better use of data on the charities it regulates to help spot potential fraud, tax avoidance and other abuses of public money.

The comments came after the National Audit Office said that the commission was not tackling abuses of charitable status properly, including tax avoidance.


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So, if I've got this right:

Bagel | | Permalink

So, if I've got this right:

"..Mountstar, an entity based in the British Virgin Islands whose directors are already well-known to HMRC.."

have claimed Gift Aid on donations, which is a claim that goes to HMRC and is assessed and paid out by HMRC, a process which does not involve the Charity Commission in any way, but somehow it's the Charity Commission which gets all the stick, even to the point of Margaret Hodge of the PAC suggesting it ought to be scrapped and HMRC take over its role...?

And HMRC are such beacons of good practice, of course...