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A new client writes to his accountant

Mark Lee imagines how a new small business client might address their new accountant. 

To: Our New Accountant,

I am so pleased you have agreed to be our new accountant. As I explained, our previous accountant has retired and we didn't want to move to the big firm that bought his practice. 

I thought it would be helpful to summarise my understanding of some key issues we have discussed. I know I have already sent back a copy of your formal letter and I thank you for sending this with a more informal covering note.


You know that we thought long and hard before we decided who to appoint. We approached six firms and shortlisted three of these. You were one of those three even though you were also one of the two firms whose details we found online. The other four had all been recommended to us. 

Having weighed up all of the issues we strongly believe that you are the...


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Brian Ogilvie's picture

Nice piece Mark ........    2 thanks

Brian Ogilvie | | Permalink

Nice piece Mark ........


'simple ideas alone will save us hundreds of pounds a year' ....indeed !

.    3 thanks

ireallyshouldkn... | | Permalink

Great idea for an article Mark.  Most refreshing thing I have read for some time.

Pleased to say we do most of that, or at least most of the applicable bits. I was dreading getting half way through and thinking "crap we don't do that, or that, or that!"


Dear Flash    15 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

'Dear Flash,

Here's your signed paperwork, the standing order is set up, I'll get the paperwork to you eventually (you'll need to chase me). So glad you don't insist on meetings as I've a business to run and have better things to do. If I have a question I'll email you. And you'll do the same. I trust you to get my tax right, tell me what to pay and when (and remind me), and tell me if I need to do anything differently to save money. That's why I pay you your modest fees. I don't want to pay more because you feel the need to hold my hand and have deep and meaningful chats every ten seconds - that's why I left the last accountant. You're there when I need you and I'm adult enough to not need a nursemaid.

Besides, I'd not want to run the risk of my partner meeting you as I've heard you're a stunning looking chap.....

And now I'm going to send a big fat cheque to the Dogs Trust and Cats Protection in the amount of the whacking great saving I'm making having swapped to you!

Thanks everso,

New Client

p.s. My dog sends you a big wag for saving the world'


Because it takes all sorts to make a world...

Paul Scholes's picture

Imaginary    1 thanks

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Hi Mark - some valid and up to date content there, although I have doubts over the word "excited" appearing (twice) and in the political bias over big business & their lack of contribution to the countries that help them generate their revenues & profits.

It's right though that the article starts off saying that it's an imagined letter mainly as it would, in reality, just be repeating everything many accountants would already have told the new client in writing.

tonyaustin's picture

Fees    1 thanks

tonyaustin | | Permalink


Either the previous accountant was charging far too much or you're not charging enough. Where do you find these perfect clients?

Tom 7000's picture

I dont understand....    1 thanks

Tom 7000 | | Permalink

I get letters and emails and telephone calls  like that almost every day except its normally thousands of pounds not hundreds


why you printing it here?

lost me....