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New generation of CFOs push the frontier


IBM performance management leader Mark Rolfe says a new generation of finance managers are ‘pushing the frontier’ on finance efficiency to capitalise on business insights and create profitable growth.

As former chief accountant at Nintendo, Rolfe is now driving the performance management agenda for IBM Business Analytics. He shared some of his findings with Accountex delegates last week.

Looking back at a 2010 IBM study, he identified four typical finance manager profiles: disciplined operator; value integrator; scorekeeper and constrained adviser. A follow up study in 2013 uncovered a new breed of CFOs who are “pushing the frontier”.

“The new term for this emerging subset is ‘performance accelerator’,” Rolfe said. They are perfecting finance efficiency, capitalising on business insight and creating profitable growth through embracing technology, he added.

The CFO role was evolving thanks to...


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