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HMRC information gathering powers spark worry

New powers giving HMRC access to data from credit and debit card sales to help it find businesses evading tax could set a worrying precedent, a civil liberty group said.

The March Budget included measures to allow the Revenue to force banks to hand over the data from credit and debit card sales.

HMRC can now obtain data from merchant acquirers – the parts of banks which facilitate and deal with credit and debit card payments – about businesses that use their facilities.

Gaining access to this data will improve HMRC’s ability to identify businesses that are not declaring the full amount that should be paid, it said.

One privacy group was sceptical, however...


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If anyone believes

The Black Knight | | Permalink

If anyone believes that their information is confidential, safe or not already being read and used by law enforcement then they needs theirs heads testings.

The only safe guard you have is that Plod are very dim. They can't use the data they have so a whole lot more they don't understand is really going to help isn't it?

They know how you vote, and what you spend your money on the answer is simple don't vote, use cash and wear a hoodie.