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New hosted desktop solution launches

A new hosted desktop provider has opened its doors to the accountancy marketplace.

WeWorkEverywhere, which formally launched just before Christmas, comes from 25-year-old London-based IT consultancy Northdoor, which specialises in providing services to financial businesses.

The new service for accountancy firms is a response to...


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Paul Scholes's picture

To quote....

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

"This is for users - such as accountants - who want and need the ability to work anywhere and have exactly the same experience wherever they are, whether they’re using any device from an iMac to a smartphone, with the same interface and desktop as if they were sitting at their desk"

Not sure what bit of that is a "unique composition" it describes exactly what we've had with Hosted Desktop for 3 years.

Like many, I don't really care about how my local laptop or hosted PC works (even if via Azure & Citrix visualisation tools) I just need a secure, stable desktop, that works 99% or more of the time and with efficient support, should I ever need it.

In answer to your question Rachael, hosting everything was one of the best IT decisions I've ever made and HDT UK are Brill


Totally agree ...    1 thanks

JC | | Permalink

@Paul Scholes - with your take on this, late entry to the market

In fact goes to remind one of the WeBuyAnyCar advertisements -

Recurring theme....spin

Sheepy306 | | Permalink

This seems to be a recurring theme with a whole range of products and services being marketed these days. They all claim to be unique when in reality they're not, or alternatively they simply fail to explain in practical terms how they are different or better than the others, even if it's purely on price.

Why are these products claimed to be specific to accountancy practices anyway when surely they're just a generic platform that any type of business or user could utilise? I assume it's just more marketing spin.

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Marketing spin    2 thanks

jon_griffey | | Permalink

Us accountants can see through marketing spin so this is a bit of an own goal.  The first thing that struck me was the lack of accountant specific services.  For example have they tested Iris etc on their platform and ironed out any issues?  Do they understand our requirements? Are they just jumping on the bandwagon?  Have they any other accountants signed up?

Their big selling point that they don't appears to be pushing is the fact that they have been around a very long time and appear to generate substantial revenues and profits.  That provides much comfort.  Some of the other players in the market are very small, young companies.