New ‘personal service’ rules affect 250,000

Contractors and their tax advisers have been on tenderhooks since last week in anticipation of tax announcements around the use of “intermediaries to disguise employment”, as the Chancellor put it in his autumn statement last Thursday.

Messages from Whitehall tried to contain the anxiety by assuring contractors that any new rules in the 2014 Finance Bill would focus purely on overt attempts to move legitimate employees into artificial umbrella schemes. The situation was not made much clearer by parallel moves covering offshore workers, which go back to a Budget announcement in March that was followed by a consultation document at the end of May.

The new clauses in Finance Bill 2014 add, among other descriptions, the words...


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chatman | | Permalink

What is the TIIN?

John Stokdyk's picture

TIIN = Tax information and impact note    1 thanks

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

It's the latest in a long line of HMRC/Treasury acronyms for tax announcements. They started using it a year or two ago.

Ironically, the phrase "IR35" comes from the same source - that was the shorthand for the Inland Revenue press release in the 1999 Budget that announced the controversial personal services company measure.