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New Year resolutions for ambitious accountants

Yes, I know that many (most?) accountants are almost exclusively focused on completing clients’ Self Assessment tax returns in January. But if you have logged into AccountingWEB for a short break you may want to bookmark this article, reports Mark Lee.

As 2012 dawns here are 10 New Year resolutions that I would encourage ambitious accountants to make. In each case I have included a link to an article on AccountingWEB that explains the idea in more detail. Which of these resolutions resonates with you? What are YOUR New Year resolutions?

1. Reducing the January rush

I will take responsibility for allowing so many of my clients to delay sending me all the information I need until January. I have had enough and will start planning now to stop this continuing year-after-year. (See ‘Tax returns: Your key to better client service’).

2. Billing

I will release cash by reducing my lock-up to 60 days through more prompt billing and applying my standard credit terms whenever clients fail to pay on time. (See ‘How do you charge?’)


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I'm going to try...

JAADAMS | | Permalink

Robert/ Mark - all your resolutions are sound and best of all should actually be achievable with a bit of thought and planning (starting in Feb, of course!)

Readers might like to check these 'Any Answers' comments for the various answers to the question as to whether we should ‘bust a gut’ to get clients returns in on time.

I’m going to print your list out and put it on the wall in front of my desk as a permanent reminder of things to do - e.g I would like more writing work so I need to reactivate my LinkedIn that I’ve let lapse; I also need a decent website. John Stokdyk has been nagging me to let him have a photo of me to place of this website whenever I write an article. Now I've had my hair cut I suppose I can succumb to his wants as well as placing one on LinkedIn.

I loved number 9 - Dump the Duff clients. Going to be a bit difficult as they were my late fathers clients and been with the firm for donkeys years but I promise I’ll try.

The one that is also not easy is the last one - Join the local mentoring group. Not much around here in the heart of Dorset. I tried to join the ‘Women in Business’ group but they are like the Soroptomists - only one profession per group is allowed and there was one of us there already. BusinessLink Breakfast events are now no more. So where to go? Other events are purely tax courses where attendees only get to talk at break and then disappear as soon at the course is ended. So any ideas anyone?


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bookmarklee | | Permalink

@JAADAMS "I also need a decent website"

In this context I would refer you to another earlier article on AccountingWeb: The top five accountants’ website mistakes


ps: It's my list above - not Robert's ;-)




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Authoring information    1 thanks

robertlovell | | Permalink

Apologies Mark, I've changed the author now to bookmarklee.

Great article, wish I'd come up with it!

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Duff clients

Tom 7000 | | Permalink

Please send your duff clients to me, Ill deal with them and sort you out some commission. See thats easier you get paid for them and don't have to deal with them anymore.