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RTI spells the end of Payexcel

Payroll software developer Payexcel ceased trading after more than 10 years in business because it could not cope with the transition to RTI.

The company, which provided software based on Microsoft Excel, ceased trading in September. Its website explains that existing PAYExcel 2012 customers have been sent the 2012/13 Online Filing Workbook for forms P35 and P14. But it will not be around to cope with the new regime that starts in April 2013.

A Payexcel spokesperson confirmed that the company's closure was down to Real Time Information (RTI).

"Although we had hoped to incorporate RTI in the PAYExcel workbook for next year, it has proved impractical to do so and this led us to reluctantly cease trade," he said.


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Free Sage RTI Resources

UK_Marketer | | Permalink

 We have no plans to make any UK business pay for the Sage RTI information and downloadable Whitepaper available on http://www.sage.co.uk/why-sage/paye-real-time-information.html.

In-depth training and seminars are available as a paid-for service at https://www.sagerti.co.uk/product/regional-rti-seminars

Jason Sullock, Sage (UK) Ltd





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jasonholden | | Permalink

No the end of the world, some software companies are still in the game:




ralan | | Permalink

Moved to Moneysoft from Sage a few years ago and it is an excellent piece of software, they have already been in touch to say they will be RTI compliant.

Found it to be easier to use than Sage and at less cost.

Option to email pdf's to clients works well and is now done for all clients so saves postage.

Do 40 payrolls a month, a mix of weekly and monthly and CIS Returns


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BirdnCo | | Permalink

I have used Moneysoft for a number of years and wouldn't even consider Sage (or Sage accounts etc for that). Moneysoft is, as endorsed by others an excellent product, ticks all the boxes, superb support and at the right price!

I've been using Earnie, now

St Bruno | | Permalink

I've been using Earnie, now an Iris company, for years. They have supplied me with RTi-compliant software and I've been in the pilot scheme since July. I've got nothing but praise for the Earnie product and for their support staff.

Usual disclaimers.

A Free RTI payroll solution for Payexcel Users

Mark Paraskeva | | Permalink

All Payexcel users can access a free software package, IRIS RTI Payroll Basics to ensure they are able to comply with RTI (real-time information) payroll regulations from the HMRC.

We are delighted that IRIS RTI Payroll Basics solution has fully passed HMRC RTI payroll tests for RTI.

IRIS RTI Payroll Basics can be downloaded from www.iris.co.uk/rtibasics .