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Practice Excellence: Tools of the trade

Social media and cloud accounting stood out as the most notable technology trends among firms shortlisted for 2012 Practice Excellence Awards, but across the board the judging panel saw clear evidence that IT could make a positive contribution to client satisfaction.

While the overall patterns of technology adoption were quite clear, technology behaviour varied between firms of different sizes. This article draws on both the general findings of the judging panel, and highlights good and bad points that emerged from this year’s best performing firms.

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Kent accountant's picture

'Embracing social media' - Load of old bull

Kent accountant | | Permalink

Metrics shmetrics!!

Easiest way to analyse success or failure of any marketing - social or otherwise is quite easy really, just ask the referral/prospect how they heard of you.

Way too much analysis and over complication of what is a really simple task.

bookmarklee's picture

Hard to disagree with @KentAccountant conclusion

bookmarklee | | Permalink

To amplify the comments of mine that John has quoted above I summed this up more recently as suggesting that: Accountants should stop chasing thousands of random followers on twitter. They should seek to build up only relevant LOCAL followers. Dozens or hundreds of them will be plenty for most practices!


Think Kent has it...

justsotax | | Permalink

business is actually quite simple....its just made to look complicated by those who offer services that....well....make business more complicated.  I am sure (?) we all have stories of that twitter account that produced that £10,000 client from nowhere....(I suspect where this has happened they didn't simply sign up and proceed.....or am i just too cynical....)



Kent accountant's picture

It's the old 'magic bullet'

Kent accountant | | Permalink

Emperor's new clothes or whatever else you want to call it. 

...complete load of b*ll*cks!! 

Look at all the 'social media experts' who have popped up over the last couple of years. Where did they come from? Business link?

Yes, some of them are very good, most aren't and are just jumping on the band wagon.

Big banner headlines like 'you need a social media strategy' often scare people into thinking they need to do far more than they currently are'.

It still boils down to the same principles, think about who your target audience is and go and find them, whether that's by referrals from clients, networking, cold calling, telemarketing or dare I say it social media.



trouble is iam analogue

npreynolds | | Permalink

See all this digital stuff i find hard, you see i am analogue and you cant mix analogue and digital.

I dont want to go tweet, cloud etc. Our marketing works, it does not need fixing. We dont get few new clients from our web site, we get few clients "off the street". New business comes form networking and client referrals.

Ok i am in linked in but most of the poeple who read my profile are accountants!!

Half the mony i spend on marketing is wasted but as i spend only £1k i'm not bovvered !!!!!

So in conclusion these development are not for me ....yet