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PwC auditor banned over fiddling expenses

A former audit manager at PwC has been excluded from the ICAEW over dishonestly claiming expenses from his employer.

The accountant brought discredit on himself and the profession between 1 July 2007 and 16 September 2008 when he dishonestly claimed 15 expenses totalling £3,858.94.

Along with failing to participate in the legal proceedings and numerous hearing dates, he also failed to provide a registered address in spite of being asked by ICAEW to do so.

The case featured in the Institute’s May disciplinary orders after a formal complaint was made on 14 February 2012.

Case details...


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carnmores's picture

whats all this

carnmores | | Permalink

why are you indulging in shadenfreude 

Moonbeam's picture

Depressing statements    1 thanks

Moonbeam | | Permalink

If someone is accused of a sexual crime why does the fact that they are married with children have anything to do with the matter?

I contend that all those "brought to book" were just unlucky enough to get caught. I have no faith whatsoever in the professional bodies protecting the public from the criminal types generally.

I can only assume the people who are taken on to pronounce sentence on the rest of us are recruited from a particular pool of persons who are out of touch - particularly with the members.

Keep it Fair!    4 thanks

nekillim | | Permalink

The Government should have done the same thing to ALL MPs & Lords who were found fiddling their expenses. Instead they are still there, fiddlinf again!!!!

pembo's picture

the first case    2 thanks

pembo | | Permalink

not of course to be confused with 

where the punishment seems pretty identical for a crime a reasonable person may conclude is rathermore troublesome to the "public image" of accountants.

It is a great shame.    1 thanks

philfromleeds | | Permalink

We do not really know why a person resorts to dishonesty. If there was not the need then its greed. But remember only a few things need to get out of hand in a persons life and often these could be pressures invoked unwillingly on an individual and that put the person over the edge.

We live in a society that does not want to find room for explanations and mitigation.'s picture

arsehole society

southsands@sout... | | Permalink

Typical out of touch society. Just like the government, the police and the courts. Roll on the revolution.

Unusual case

Tickers | | Permalink

Interesting how it took over 20 years.

I'msorryIhaven'taclue's picture

Socially Acceptable Behaviour?

I'msorryIhaven'... | | Permalink

Uhhu, so let's blackball the guy who fiddled his expenses and let the paedophile keep his chartered status. In what shape or form does that reflect well on the profession?

Who dreams up this stuff? Hands up all those who have never "fiddled" their expenses, or for that matter their timesheets. That's the other side of the same coin.

pembo's picture

What ?

pembo | | Permalink

Surely "I'm sorry" you have not dumped on your time sheet to make up for all those hours spent googling merrily away ? You should be barred sine die.

Some things never change...when I was training with C&L 30+ years ago some poor sod was "excluded" before he even qualified for fiddling his tube fair. Quite right too and to be fair to the paedophile one presumes he did not commit the offence whilst struggling to make a TB balance ? As such ICAEW have shown yet again they really have that finger on the pulse.

"Tickers" one assumes that this is one of those cases that has only recently surfaced and the (now) woman in question has had the strength of character to see it through after all these years.

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How could I not comment on this?

Albert Camus | | Permalink



This is not the first time the ICAEW has given preference to a pervert. The last case I have details of occurred around the same time as my own.

For having a mental breakdown and one telephone call which dismissed a former clients complaint as froth I was banned for life and fined £30,000

For raping 10 children the pervert was reprimanded for bring the profession into disrepute and fined £500.

Clearly the ICAEW like child molesters, rapists and sexual deviants. Perhaps it reflects the tastes of the accountancy professions leading lights?

No problem with mercenaries either    1 thanks

Roland195 | | Permalink