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PwC picks up Morrisons audit role

Morrison Supermarkets has ended its external audit contract with KPMG and switched to PwC in line with corporate governance guidance from the regulator to tender contracts on a regular basis.

The Bradford-based supermarket chain announced the completion of a formal tender process for its statutory audit contract, in line with best practice.

“Subject to approval at the AGM on June 5 2014, PwC will be appointed as Morrisons’ statutory auditor for the year ending February 1 2015. The board would like to thank KPMG for their significant contribution as Morrisons' auditors over a number of years,” it said.

Last year Morrisons...


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mccabesworld | | Permalink

Not sure they will enjoy that.  Morrison's chateauneuf du pape only got 1 star out of 5 in the latest review :)

Drinking on the job

Rubster | | Permalink

In the old days in the City a gentle ingestion of lunchtime claret on a Friday was the norm. Somehow I doubt if the current po-faced bean counters in the top firms subscribe to such heresy.

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Auditors lunch

mccabesworld | | Permalink

Those were the days!  I remember a meeting with the financial controller of LIFFE and they needed a room for the meeting (PW tax) so they threw out our (PW) been-counters into the corridor.  Auditors were always regarded as an underclass as so it has been proven!  God save us all.  Morrisons do a rather nice fish pie.