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Birthday honours: Tax and accountancy gongs

Blackadder and Baldrick weren’t the only pair to receive Queen’s birthday honours over the weekend, as a raft of tax and accountancy professionals also featured high on the list. 

Tony Robinson, best known for his part as the hapless Baldrick on comedy series Blackadder somewhat ironically trumped fellow co-star Rowan Atkinson by being awarded with a knighthood, while Atkinson received a CBE.

Also among the 1,800 names on the list of those who received recognition from the Queen were two Baker Tilly partners, Danielle Stewart and Jim Clifford.

Head of the firm’s financial reporting department, Stewart received an OBE for services to


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Accountants for companies get share options

Accountants for the government departments  get medals

medals < => share options

Accountants in Practice..get..... RTI